The Collective

The Collective is a group of friends, artists, designers, musicians, mechanics, and craftsman whose lifestyles and creative energy inspire the products we create. Through the things they make and the way 
they make them, through the places they go and their incessant curiosity about the world, The Collective gives us a wide range of experiences to craft from.

Seth Neefus

A gallery artist, a musician, a dreamer, and a doer, Seth is in the continual process of creating and forever on the hunt for harmony. He’s a man of art through and through—and yet he can wear any hat, even the practical-minded one required of running a business. A New Yorker by birth, he now resides in Portland, Oregon, where he works on the floor of Red Clouds Collective, as well as writing eerily beautiful songs as one-man-band Old Friend, roaming the Northwest wilderness far and wide, skating his friends’ backyard mini ramps, and rallying dirt bikes in the dust.


Casey Neefus

A jack of all trades who traveled the world as a professional snowboarder in his younger years—wandering from big mountains to snowed-in cities, always in search of unique new terrain to ride. After a lifetime’s worth of daring adventures, he has moved onto the next chapter of his life, now calling Portland, Oregon his home and dedicating his creative energy to Red Clouds Collective. When he has free time, he works on his vintage Triumph motorcycles, rides dirt bikes, picks his guitar, and fly fishes in the streams of the Northwest wilderness.

Max Dworkin

A man with a talent for capturing the moment—or creating a moment to be captured. He brings energy to every circumstance he walks into and smiles in recollection as the years pass by. A Brooklyn-based photographer who travels the world for clients of all sizes, Max shoots the Red Clouds Collective products and lookbooks, thereby helping us share our creations with the world. He has a clear, refined approach to documenting the world and an unmistakable style that brings every image to life.

Dan Weaver Aka "Sprout"

The man who sparked the flame. A visionary and kind soul who has the power to bring people together and inspire them through conversation. Residing in New York’s Hudson Valley, Sprout spends his days enjoying the company of his dog and family. He lives for the music, enjoying it through a variety of bands and naturally connecting with people on levels known by the wise and appreciated by all.

Taylor Brubaker

A man who always has a camera in his hand—actually, one in his hand and one hanging around his neck. In the summer, you can find him on the sunny shores of one of Oregon’s many rivers or in his garage working on his Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Taylor’s creative talents are without limit, ranging from fine art to photography, and he continually expands on these disciplines—inspiring the people around him in so doing.

Owen Johnson

Bag maker, risk taker, soul shaker, and a force of nature! Thanks to his knowledge of product making, Owen has helped us bring many a concept to life. He has traveled the continent by foot and by train, forever keeping his eyes set on what makes him happy. His kind soul has led him to touch many people’s lives, and he always leaves an enduring mark.

David Wien

Transplanted from the foothills of Vermont to the streets of Portland, Oregon to California’s Lost Coast, this man makes his mark by doing what he does best—being himself. From painting and woodworking to skateboarding, music making, and beyond, Dave is a true artist and inspiration to all. He’s perhaps most recognized for his paintings—vibrant works that reach into the soul, evoking pastoral quietude and silent alliances shared with your lover.

Jason Levins

Currently living in Brooklyn, Jason focuses on the photographic and literary documentation of the life he and his closest friends lead, and we are proud to support him in all he hopes to achieve. His creative approach is honest and raw—he puts his voice out there to be interpreted however you may wish. Levins digs deep into intimate lives and sets his sights on capturing nothing less than what is real.

Mark Warren Jacques Aka "MWJ"

An artist who strives for perfection, MWJ commands every aspect of his work, image, and experience. His hand deftly holds paintbrush and tool alike, and he is continually employing his creative sense to bring alive a world of bright, beautiful, geometric patterns. Mark’s artwork is iconic, and it clearly demands skill, patience, and love.

Perry Pfister

A master of execution, Perry works in a variety of mediums and is adept at each of them—from screen-printing for artists to high-end commercial work to hand-painted signs. In fact, he recently took the craft of neon sign making to a whole new level. He’s a man on a mission—if you have the opportunity to work with him, he jumps over every obstacle with ease and hands you a better product than you ever could have imagined. Perry’s a talented musician, too, and over the past decade, he has played bass in some of Portland’s finest bands.





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