RCC x Draplin Design Co.

May 25, 2016

RCC x Draplin Design Co.

Draplin Design Co, DDC, and Red Clouds Collective team up to collaborate on the Field Notes Stuff Sheath handmade in Portland, Oregon

"Sometimes, we just want our shit as “orange as possible.” And we all know what a back pocket on the back of yer jeans will do to a Field Notes memo book, right? So we made a little leather sheath. Just that simple. Just something to protect our latest Field Notes memo book, and, wrangle all the scraps of paper and what not that are always bouncing around in our pockets, or falling out of our Field Notes. Simple moves.

So yeah, we made something a bit simpler. Hell, dumber. It’s all we needed! Go easy on us! Really selling you on these, right? Well, these little bastards are SEVERELY limited, so make up yer mind. Ample protection for your stuff, here, or over on Field Notes. We’ve got YOU in mind. Believe it." -Aaron Draplin, DDC

Product Details:
01. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
02. Three colors to choose from: “Very Orange,” “All Natural” and “Dark Matter.”
03. 3-3/4” wide and 6” tall. Fits a Field Notes perfectly.
04. One line of stitching along the bottom.
05. Just a simple little leather sheath to protect yer Field Notes, and whatever else your might have in yer pocket.
06. Manufactured by our beardy buddies at Red Clouds Collective. Thank you!
07. Breaks in beautifully, in no time.

Available directly from DDC : click here

Draplin Design Co and Red Clouds Collective Leather Field Notes Sheath book holder cover

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