February 13, 2022


Words, Photography and Film by Taylor Brubaker
Featuring Adam Baumker


Anti-Profit Machine: Journal Entry 03

Drop a bait mackerel/magneto.

Add lime, thick salt, almost discarded hot sauce strained offal chile powders, tequila to make the in-town passing happen naturally.

Prepare some scavengers of the deep and the not so deep, gun metal and industrial nickel plating accented by crusty chrome on the Weber.

Uncle Bob’s Magical Elixir of Life.

Yes, high heat, close to the coal.

This and more from the dregs of an odd swap meet corner stolen recycling bin.

Charred shells are edible.


anti profit machine dirty adam

anti profit machine dirty adam

dirty adam anti profit machine

One Moto Show 2021 Best Chopper.

One of the most thoughtfully and well built custom bikes I have ever seen. 

Clean with personality pouring over.

Read the build sheet.

 anti profit machine dirty adam

Hats for this occasion and every shrimp-a-que that has been or ever will be. Click here to purchase.

 dirty adam chopper

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Words and Photography by Taylor Brubaker
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Music By Adam Baumker

Video camera car driving by @brianoakley

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