Bike Shed Reviews the GN.01 Pants

May 25, 2016

Bike Shed Reviews the GN.01 Pants

As the temperature plummets and the heavens open, this week’s Gear Guide features plenty of stuff to keep you warm, dry, and protected on your bike.

Finally I’ve managed to get my hands on a pair of trousers for the bike that are rain resistant and warm but don’t look like snow boarding pants or plastic bin liners. These slim fit work pants are designed for durability and water resistance, built from hardy 10.10 oz waxed canvas. They have triple stitched reinforced seams, are double layered on the front of the legs, and riveted on the stress points. They’re fastened with a brass YKK zipper.



They’re made to fit and feel good with pockets in all the right places for spanners, screw drivers, pencils, pocket knives, phones, lighters, and everything else you may carry around with you. I would, however, recommend removing them from your pockets before you get on your bike as landing on a screw driver handle can give you more than a dead leg, I know that from bitter experience.


They will protect you through rain, wind and cold weather. I‘ve had mine a few weeks now, and have been caught in the rain a couple of times and they’ve kept me warm and dry. They’re useful when working on the bike as you can stash half your tool kit in them, and they’re oil resistant. They look good, so you can wear them at work and the pub. They’re not lined, but are warmer than a pair of jeans, and with some Kevlar long-Johns underneath, these are a pretty complete pair of trousers for the bike.

The more I wear them, the better they look. A little stiff out of the packet, they losen up quickly, and give good crease lines. These are wipe or brush clean. They’re available in four colours: olive, black, havana, and brush brown.



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