Anti-Profit Machine 02

July 21, 2021

Anti-Profit Machine 02

Words, Photography and Films by Taylor Brubaker
Special Guest: Steve Bush, Ben Carey


Anti-Profit Machine: Journal Entry 02

Steve and Ben don’t know each other.

I don’t see any connection between Chopin and Muscle/Drag cars.

I thought the bust of him would look good as a dash ornament and his music could play well with hot rod footage. I thought Ben could make an interesting and unique soundtrack to footage of Steve’s interesting and unique car, and mannerisms.

This is that.

Filmed over 2 days in late May 2021.

Anti Profit Machine Video No. 1



Steve has been building, tweaking, tuning, and racing the scamp for seven years.

anti profit machines


anti profit machineAnit Profit Machines

Anit Profit Machines

Here is his quick diagram/explanation of tech cards:

anti profit machines

His next/new project is a ’23 Model T.



Ben is a musical savant. Whether entertaining people with casual piano meanderings during social gatherings or going deep to create original scores for film and video he is the person I would most want at that musical helm.

Hear more of his work and see some of what he is capable of at

 anti profit machines
anti profit machine ben carey


Anti-Profit Machine: Journal Entry 02 by Taylor Brubaker.

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