Ethan Fender Interview

ethan fender red clouds shirt

The work of Ethan Fender has recently caught our attention. We were always left with an impression of something timeless and something new after seeing his organic shapes and illustrations on instagram. One day we noticed that he had posted a photo of his Red Clouds Wool Watch Cap and leather Donovan Wallet and it turned out that we were fans of each others creations.

We started a conversation about the ways we could work together and decided to start this new friendship off with a design that embodied the summer vibes of adventuring in the Pacific Northwest. We now offer this artwork on a Limited Edition T-Shirt printed on USA made shirts from The Sewing Mills.

We asked Ethan Fender a few questions about his work and inspirations:

RCC: Tell us about your studio / Work Space.

EF: My workspace is often in many places. I sketch on the go. Everywhere. I keep my sketchbook with me always. Ideas are executed in their purest form when translated from the mind to the hand to paper. There are future plans for a wide open studio space but for now, I finalize the work digitally with a Mac Pro in my room. Boyish I know.

RCC: What inspires your work?

EF: My experiences of nature and social engagement inspire my work. I have always wanted to deliver work the way I see the world. To cater a different frame of mind for others.

RCC: You use a lot of wildlife imagery, for example: plants, birds, fish, etc… Is this a new direction for you or have you always used these subjects within your designs? 

EF: Using animals and other live organisms have always been a fascination. I do not think we will ever stop learning about such discoveries. Sometimes they are emphasized more than earlier phases in time.


RCC: Can you tell us about your creative process?

EF: First, in the process, is an illuminated problem. The objective is to solve that problem with beautiful work that sustains the sands of time and remains appropriate. No matter what, I involve drawing. Sometimes I write thoughts down to understand the project better. A great deal of research and questions comes into play. The computer usually comes last as far as the final productions. The design really happens within the roots of my mind.


RCC: What is the hardest part about being a designer/ artist?

EF: The toughest part is the amount of patience it takes to make it come together. Perseverance really is the lifeblood of Courier Design.

RCC: What do you enjoy most about your work?

EF: To me, design is an energy. Designing is never a job. It is my discipline, my trade, my primary language. It is fulfilling to speak that way. They say grammar has to do with the association of words. To me, grammar is the relationship of simple shapes and substances. I truly enjoy sharing that privilege.

ethan fender red clouds

More about Ethan Fender:


Instagram: @ethnfndr

T-shirt Available: Here

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